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Nowadays the family values, the awareness and perseverance of culture are on extinct. One of the major factors is that the children of our tribe are following their own instinct and marrying to those of the other culture. The reason is that they don't get suitable match in due time. And as modern tribal generations have been moving out from the habitat and scattered to different parts of India as well as abroad. Keeping in mind this problem, a platform is developed via this website to get connected with the same culture society living across India to find suitable match to keep going in saving the culture and more over to keep the word of God alive in our life. The sole motive of this website is to get connected across India for the purpose of match making as a desired plan of Almighty God.

AdivasiRishta.com (AR) is the portal started with a vision of helping the Tribal youth, eligible men and women who look forward the ushering of their life partners into their lives.

The search domain is narrowed down to 'Tribal community' living across the globe. As such the search time and the physical strain of browsing lots of pages is minimized . As most of the people like to have preference of their own denomination, while navigating in search option all the main line denominations are listed. In the personal details sheet queries on physical stature and blood group are included so that seekers can have their choice by comparing them with their own. Commendable exercise has been made in listing all the places We the team members of "AdivasiRishta.com" are from Tribal families. Our main motive and aim as "AdivasiRishta.com" is to serve the Tribal community in particular by helping them to build God loving families. In that direction "AdivasiRishta.com" is the first step. God willing "AdivasiRishta.com" team would like to take up many more societal activities in the days to come.

We promise that our services and efforts would be to the best of your satisfaction. The membership and service charges are competitive and very minimal. We safeguard the privacy of our registered members and we would provide them all the attention necessary in personal and web search. We try our best to validate the personal details provided by the members and verify the authenticity. The right of allotting the membership to the "AR" is reserved with the "AdivasiRishta.com".

Predominantly "God is a perfect match maker". In Bible we see that God had set the beautiful and God fearing maid 'Rebekah' to be the bride for another God fearing young man 'Isaac' through 'Eliezer', the headman of 'Abraham'. This is the perfect match. We the "AdivasiRishta.com" plays the Deacon role of 'Eliezer' in bringing the bride to the groom. We counsel the becoming brides and grooms to say the Bible verse as their own = " Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. " (Psalms 23:6).

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